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ArteFlame Barbecue Grill Rotisserie with Cordless Motor


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ArteFlame Barbecue Grill Rotisserie Accessory: Elevate Your Grilling Experience

Unlock the potential of your Arteflame Grill with the specially designed Barbecue Grill Rotisserie Accessory. Ideal for the Classic, Euro, One 40, One 30, and One 20 grills, this stainless steel system seamlessly fits into the center of the Arteflame cooktop, providing a versatile grilling experience.

Perfect Fit for Your Arteflame Grill

Key Features:

  1. Perfect Fit: Tailored for Classic, Euro, One 40, One 30, and One 20 grills, the Barbecue Grill Rotisserie Accessory ensures a perfect fit, allowing you to cook rotisserie chicken, turkey, kabobs, and more.

  2. Easy Installation: The stainless steel system effortlessly attaches to the sear ring on the cooktop with a simple squeeze-and-release mechanism. For Classic, Euro, One 40, and One 30 grills, it mounts to the accessory ring, while for the One 20, it replaces the cooktop.

  3. Versatile Cooking Options: Hang foods like dutch ovens, sausages, and other meats from the top rack, expanding your grilling possibilities.

Included in The Kit:

  • Cordless Rotisserie Motor: This battery-operated motor ensures convenient and cordless operation, capable of turning up to 25lbs of food.

  • Spit and Forks: The kit includes a sturdy spit and a set of forks, providing all you need for a seamless rotisserie experience.

NOTE: The rotisserie will accommodate 2 motors, sets and bracket sets for grilling smaller items simultaneously.

Enhance Your Grilling Adventure

Elevate your grilling game with the Barbecue Grill Rotisserie Accessory from Arteflame. Whether you're a seasoned grill master or a backyard cooking enthusiast, this accessory adds a new dimension to your culinary endeavors. Impress your guests with succulent rotisserie dishes and explore the versatility of your Arteflame Grill.

Easy Maintenance and Longevity

Crafted from durable stainless steel, this accessory ensures longevity and easy maintenance, making it an essential addition to your grilling toolkit.

Order Your ArteFlame Barbecue Grill Rotisserie Accessory Today

Upgrade your grilling experience and explore new horizons with the Arteflame Barbecue Grill Rotisserie Accessory. Order now to unlock the full potential of your Arteflame Grill.

Note: The product is compatible with Classic, Euro, One 40, One 30, and One 20 grills. Please follow specific installation instructions for optimal usage.

If you want to use both rotisserie portions at the same time, add the optional "Extra Rotisserie Cordless Motor, Spit, Forks and Bracket Kit".

Barbecue Rotisserie Grill Manual

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